I have a frio ock and i cant evan oc it to 4ghz without temps being 60+!!! so i was thinking if i just bought a radiator and a cpu water block would it work? Would i have to buy a pump? or would just a two 120 mm fan radiator and a cpu water block work to cool my cpu to at least 4ghz My cpu is a i5 2500k

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  • wu_gwei21

    April 18, 2016

    Why oh why would you want stagnant hot water cooling your AWESOME CPU. Yes you need a pump. Something like http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835181013&Tpk=h70 is a self contained closed water cooling system. You don’t need to maintain it like a conventional water cooling system. Nor do you need to buy a separate pump. How would the water get from the block to the surface of the CPU and back again? You can read this To move water through the system, a water cooling pump must be used. Many water cooling setups use submerged pumps which sit inside the reservoir. Generally speaking, a pump with 100-300 g/h should be sufficient; although that will depend on what components you have in the rest of your system. A pump should be just powerful enough to move water through the system without allowing it to sit inside a water block for an extended time. If the water moves too slowly, it will not be able to effectively whisk heat away from the chip. If the water moves too quickly, it won’t have adequate time to soak up the heat from the water block. Which is an excerpt from here http://www.xoxide.com/water-cooling.html.I use the Cooler Master V8 cooler with Arctic Silver thermal compound marrying the two, CPU and heatsink, together. These are my temps with A movie streaming from a site , Dragon Age origins running in the background and a few tabs open.Core Speed4190.5 MHzMultiplierx 42.0Bus Speed99.8 MHzTemperature48 °CThread 1APIC ID0Core 1Core Speed4190.5 MHzMultiplierx 42.0Bus Speed99.8 MHzTemperature51 °CThread 1APIC ID2Core 2Core Speed4190.5 MHzMultiplierx 42.0Bus Speed99.8 MHzTemperature52 °CThread 1APIC ID4Core 3Core Speed4190.5 MHzMultiplierx 42.0Bus Speed99.8 MHzTemperature49 °CThread 1my fan info. Main CPU automatic at 100% power and 2 other fans which have been throttled back to 65% with speedfan. I have the heatsink in a push pull push configuration. Its installed in an Azza 2000R case http://www.legitreviews.com/article/1435/4/ .Fan 02116 RPM [0x2C5] (FANIN0)Fan 12600 RPM [0x241] (FANIN1)Fan 21906 RPM [0x313] (FANIN2)Fan PWM 0100 pc [0xFF] (CPU) Fan PWM 165 pc [0xA6] (System Fan 1)Fan PWM 265 pc [0xA6] (System Fan 2)My system infoOperating SystemMS Windows XP Media Center Edition Professional 32-bit SP3CPUIntel Core i5 2500K @ 3.30GHz<-----------------51 °C ACTUALLY AT 4.2GHz as you can see in the individual CPU temps. Sandy Bridge 32nm TechnologyRAM8.0GB DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-25)MotherboardMSI P67A-G43 (MS-7673) (SOCKET 0)54 °CGraphicsDELL 1704FPV ([email protected])512MB ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series (Diamond)45 °CHard Drives977GB Seagate ST31000528AS (SATA)29 °COptical DrivesASUS DRW-22B2S bAudioRealtek High Definition AudioIt may have been your install method, thermal compound used, air circulation issue or your graphic card below your CPU is exhausting its' heat into the case not allowing proper cooling that may be contributing to your heat issue. At 68% LOAD and my hottest core is reporting 54°c.


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