October 5, 2016

I got my EC Technology Headphones | Hunter in the Gym Vlogtime

I got my EC Technology Headphones | Hunter in the Gym Vlogtime

Hunter in the Gym!

You will love these headphones. Do your sports, clean your room, anything and you don’t need to be connected to your phone. I am in love with these. http://amzn.to/1MJNDUr

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William A Bird

Hunter I want u I love u I want go stay with u


You are cute keep it up


You are cute and have nice little tities


You are cute and have nice little tities

Gymnasticstime 101

I Love scrabble

Jacqueline Hinson

Sky should of get IT becz he is older

Jacqueline Hinson

Plz act ur age

Emma Awesomeness

Hi Hunter I find you super sweet and a huge heart kinded girl u changed my channel pic but you have givin me a shout out in bar revese gymnastics I am sorry that I took a break in watching my channel but I'm back and still love you and your videos please reply btw hi not trying to be greedy but my I have my second shout out thank you!!

Oyindamola or melody Jolaoso

BFF me in musicly Ojxoxo224

Gymnast Kota

Thank you soooooooo much for answering me on Instagram I made a fact account if you could follow it that would be AWESOME @HITG.1fan.

Ruth Esther

hey hunter if you see this i just wanna say that i love you, you're channel and you're family yall are so cool and funny
XOXO :-)-RuthEsther

Kaela In the gym

I always like before I watch

promise Ekoma

At 6:49 to 6:51 when you said obviously you sounded British like me but better you should check it out

promise Ekoma

I have been watching u since you did your first stride video your my inspiration oh and keep making videos no matter what happens also I'm your biggest fan too

Kat Snow

I just want to say your my inspiration! And your are my favorite youtuber!❤❤❤

Kat Snow



What's the song of the hand tutting on musical.ly that you guys made a turtorial on plz reply I live u guys sooo much

Morgan E

hunter I have the same leotardd

promise Ekoma


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