October 9, 2017

How to use a Kirby vacuum

How to use a Kirby vacuum

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This video shows how to use a Kirby vacuum cleaner.


Hermann Fegelein

My guess would be, turn it on and push it back and forth over the carpet.


Why does my Kirby vacuum things up and then spit them right back out? It's so frustrating, especially given the cost of these vacuums.

Ollie Charles

Can the kirby cope with the thickest of carpets or does it not go high rnough

Craig L

You did a great job of presenting in a friendly, clear, and concise manner. Thanks. Kirbys are kewl!

sims and minecraft is life

thank u for sharing


switch it on,push & pull it!.

Richard Santucci

nice vids!!!!

Ruth Brightman

Is there a certain way the handle should lock. I have to carry mine so it doesn't drag across the floor.

Jessica Ramirez

Thanks for sharing this video. Im borrowing my mother's vacuum and SHE still doesnt know how to work it. She just got it and the little green light is flickering. How do I fix it?


You adjusted it wrong you adjusted it too low you adjusted it one too low

claudia rodriguez

I own my kirby and I don't see it having good suction like before.it has a clean bag ,belts are on correctly. What could it be???


umm can you help me? i own a kirby g4 and when i used it for about 15 minutes, it started to smell like burning rubber.i'm not sure if its the belt or if it was the height. then when i went over it with my dyson, there was still dirt that it missed! please logdog i need help with this problem!


Good tutorial


good tutorial;… straight to d point. thanks!

Noah Covert

It was also somewhat of an issue with the G4


Your transmission may need a look at, it makes a clicking noise when it is in neutral, that is a sign of a failing tech drive, however this was an issue with the G3 anyway.

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