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List PC games that work on this very old computer?

MS windows XP Pro SP3Intel Pentium 4 CPU,1.2GB RAMNVIDIA GeForce 6200 256mbI DO NOT WANT RACING GAMESI LIKE RPG/SHOOTERgames i have:diablo 2morrowindoblivionfar cryys orginssplinter cellneverWinter Nightfate 1,2,3TorchLightGTA 3,San AndreasDO NOT SAY:RUNESCAPE!!! OR WOW OR GUILD WARS

Would this water cooling work on my homebuilt pc?

I have a frio ock and i cant evan oc it to 4ghz without temps being 60+!!! so i was thinking if i just bought a radiator and a cpu water block would it work? Would i have to buy a pump? or would just a two 120 mm fan radiator and a cpu water…

ITunes wont detect/read my ipod nano 8gb?

Plzzzzzzzz help me.ITunes wont detect/read my ipod nano 8gb.My computer is detecting my ipod nano as a removable drive but not my itunes.I am using windows xp sp3.

Xbox 360 Controller will not work?

My Xbox 360 controller will not work when it is connected to my PC.I run windows xp sp3. It worked yesterday but, today my computer will not recognize the controller.I found out that the drivers are uninstalled but, whenever I reinstall them they are instantly can i get it to work?

Will GTA IV run somewhat smoothly on this pc configuration?

ok im asking this cuz i dont quite understand which graphics card is better but anyway will it run on:OS: Windows XP SP3Ram: 2gbProcessor AMD Athlon II x2 250 3.01GhzGraphics card: AMD Radeon HD 6500 series at 1gb

What cord should I get for my camera?

So I have a pink polaroid i830. And it came with a cord and everything I need to upload pictures but I lost it. First of all it’s not a USB, I tried that, the small end of a USB is the right shape but it’s too big. I’m going on a trip soon and…

GTA IV – will it work on my PC?

My PC is Windows XP SP3:2.0GHz Intel Core DuoATi x1600 with 128MB2GB RAMWill it play GTA IV even with crap graphics?

LG Shine not seen as a mass storage device, only a modem?

My wife’s new LG Shine is not connecting to our computer via USB cable as a storage device. Our computer is only seeing it as a modem device. How can I get our computer to see it as a storage device so that I can copy ringtones that we create to it?OS: Windows XP SP3TIA,Troy

How do I use the slow motion on a GoPro hero 2?

have a pc not a Mac. Do I need to download a certain program or can I just use movie maker somehow?Any free programs

Is GTA IV better than Call Of Duty Black Ops?

I am going to buy one of the games but i don’t know which is better. Please don’t say buy both or anything that is stupid, please.