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Is anyone able to run max payne 3 on windows8?

If yes why does it show mp3 has stopped working if no then whats the way to make it work.

I recently got wireless internet with my alltel smart phone, but I’m disappointed…?

I thought it would be faster, but I can’t tell any difference from my pathetic dial up connection. Am I doing something wrong? a setting? I use windows xp sp3The connectivity kit says internet accelerator included, but its only compatible with IE -that sucks. I may be mistaken, but all that does is stop pictures…

what is the best way to jailbreak ipad and iphone4 iOS 4.2.1?

I tried using greenpoison but it didn’t work !please help me !

MP Player not showing up in Device Manager?

Can anyone help me? My MP3 Player is not being detected by my device managers, the drivers are current, I have updated Window XP Pro to SP3, I have down loaded everything. the MTP is showing error code 10 as well. I have went to microsoft website cannot find any answers?

Can i get an VGA cable the gose to av and then to a ps2?

I want to by a ps2 but don’t no if it will go in to my pc skrean should I by the VGA to av cable will it work fine.

How to make steam games on my PC work?

I got a a free to play game on my desktop and i tried playing gotham city imposters and i cant play the game because it freezes and lags all the time and and i dont want to download anymore games because im scared its going to do the samething what can i do to…

How to play Pc games with an Xbox Controller?

I got this cord that plugs into my controller and then into my computer.It didnt come with any drivers.I installed the charge and play drivers but they arent working.ive been to the microsoft site and downloaded the drivers from there but its not even reconizing and the other ones say i dont have the system…

Is it ok to play an old game on my new computer?

The game is from 2003 and i just got a new computer. I want to know if its possible to still fix the game, because it is not starting. I’ve tried to fix many times, but its still not working. Is it that my computer has a newer operating system? Thanks.

do you people know if the Dazzle Video Creator Plus HD compatible for the mac?

I need to know so that i can get the right capture card cause there is one for the mac but its $30 cheaper then the plus hd one. help please.

What’s a good Camcorder for Indie Film Making?

I need to buy a new camera and I want one that is good but not too expensive. I plan on using it quite frequently to make indie films on a low to no budget since i’m an aspiring screen writer. I am looking to spend up to $2,500-$3000 at most as I also have…