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Copying save games from xp to 7?

I have windows xp sp3 and I want to format pc and install windows 7, but I have a lot of games installed, can I save the save games on usb or something and when I install games on windows 7 to copy it and continue from where I left?

How to convert ps2 games into pc or how can i play ps2 games in pc?

How to convert ps2 games into pc or how can i play ps2 games in pc?

My microphone gets desynced every time I record a video.?

I use fraps to record games and every time I record, my microphone gets desynced and says what I have said 5 seconds earlier than it should. How do I fix that?

I have done video shooting using my Sony Camera in HD mode?

I want to superimpose commentary in my voice and put everything on my desktop. How this is done ? Can I do it myself ? Which is the best software for doing this superimposing ?

How much dose this pc cost?

AMD phenom 9500Asus M2A-VM moboMSi Nvidia 8800GTLiteon Dvd Player6GB Corsair DDR 2 RAMa $30 ATX case480 W Hydra PSUSeagate 250 GBall in 1 D-tech card reader Windows Xp Home SP37 Month oldhow much dose it worth?–if any1 is interested,answer the question

Can I run GTA IV PC on any setting with reasonable performance?

Hi my specs arePentium 4 2.8ghz rated at 4.791.75gb of ramHD3650 AGPcan i run it on any setting with reasonable performance

what is a good video recording software for a capture card?

i have a dazzle dvc 100 and it’s okay but any software i try usually sucks and i have the default software and it’s okay but it’s not wat i want

How to upload video on youtube in HD?

I have Canon 60D,I watch some canon 60d test on youtube and the video are clear even though it is 360p.

What is better to play computer games with, PC or Mac?

Hi, short and simple, I wanna play Civ 5, but my graphics card for my PC monitor is too small and my mac is a last resort. But i heard that the Mac was terrible at playing games, I know that it’s possible, but which one is better?I have another post about the graphics card,…

will gta 4 or gta episode from liberty city will lag or work slowly on my pc?

if my system specs are microsoft Windows XP SP3,PENTIUM(R)DUAL CORE CPU [email protected],2GB OF RAM & total hdd 500GB free hdd space 300GB will gta 4 or eflc work smoothly without laging.Please answer this question